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After the “alle”s which were constituded in Medieval, greenways that took form with the “parkway” idea of Olmsted and Vaux in XIX. Century are the open space connectors which arrange parks, natural reserves, historical sites, and their cultural…
Author: Kurtaslan, Banu Öztürk

In this study, nonlinear vibrations of curved Euler-Bernoulli beams carrying arbitrarily placed concentrated masses have been investigated. Sag-to-span ratio of the beam, which was assumed to have sinusoidal curvature function at the beginning, was…
Author: Ozkaya, E. Sarigul, M. Boyaci, H.

In this study, it was investigated initial boron concentration affecting energy consumption in boron removal from boron containing wastewaters prepared synthetically, via electrocoagulation method. Initial boron concentration of solution was …
Author: YILMAZ, Alper Erdem BONCUKCUOĞLU, Recep KOCAKERİM, M. Muhtar FİL, Baybars Ali BAYAR, Serkan

Water resources development is one of the most important national development factors for developing countries whereas it is a service sector issue in developed countries. Water management has become one of the conflict areas as the demand for…
Author: Yurdusev, Mehmet Ali Tezcan, Tekin

This paper describes a developed Multilingual Media Monitoring System (MMMS) software and reports how it may be utilized to effectively facilitate PR facilities at an academic institution in Balkans. There are many international charity projects…
Author: ÇETİNER, B. Gültekin GÜNDOĞAN, Mete GÜRSOY, Osman

Energy consumption is an important parameter to show the development level of a country. Thus the total energy consumption per capita (in 2005) is 1778 (unit is kilograms of oil equivalent (kgoe) per person) for world average, 4720 for developed…
Author: AKKURT, İskender Akyıldırım, Hakan Mavi, Betül ÖZTÜRK, Murat ÖZEK, Nuri

Boron is an important element and about 75% of the world reserve is in Turkey and it can be used in a variety of 400 different fields. Moreover it can be used in strategic fields such as defense or nuclear technologies directly or by boronizing of…
Author: AKKURT, İskender Çalık, Adnan Akyıldırım, Hakan Uçar, Nazım

Materials are an indispensable component of education and teaching and used for supporting teaching during the teaching-learning process. Aids and materials are employed in an attempt to fulfill the objectives of the teaching process during…
Author: APAY, Ahmet C. AYDIN, Emine AKGUL, Tahir GURBUZ, Ali

Increasing popularity of Internet led to expectation of course materials and activities to be distributed and collected online. Many universities have already started to support the courses with the technology. But most of them are still lack of a…
Author: ASILKAN, Özcan Hakrama, Igli Çelebi, Abdurrahman

There are many poisonous marine organisms in BlackSea, Mediterranean, Aegean Sea and Marmara Sea in Turkey. These organisms: Trachinus draco, Scorpaena scrofa, S. porcus, Rhizostoma pulmo, Chrysaora hysoscella, Aurelia aurita, Pelagica noctiluca, …
Author: Alparslan, Mustafa Özalp, Hasan Barıs Doğu, Sadettin
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