The Use Of Building Models As An Educational Material And Their Impact On Learning

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The Use Of Building Models As An Educational Material And Their Impact On Learning


APAY, Ahmet C.
AYDIN, Emine
AKGUL, Tahir


Materials are an indispensable component of education and teaching and used for supporting teaching during the teaching-learning process. Aids and materials are employed in an attempt to fulfill the objectives of the teaching process during education-teaching activities. In today’s rapidly-changing and developing world, individuals are not supposed to obtain information from one single source and memorize it; in contrast, the objective is to school the type of individuals who can know how to access to information, how to use it and how to come up with ways to overcome problems encountered. The use of teaching materials designed in accordance with the principles of teaching technologies is vitally important for enabling individuals to develop such skills. A fundamental factor in increasing the level of achievement in courses, in ensuring a decent educational system and in enabling students to experience an enduring learning process is to get students to like the subject to be taught. Otherwise, students will not be interested enough to get the input and no enduring learning process will take place no matter how well-versed and experienced an instructor is in his/her field. This paper is a study into the effects of the use of educational materials on the level of students’ achievement and interest in courses. Furthermore, it includes a comparison between the efficiency of material-aided instruction and teacher-centered instruction. The effect of these two methods on the level at which particular concepts related to a lesson are learned has been analyzed through the use of experimental design with pretest-posttest control group.


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