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Information Systems Project Success Factors: Literature Review

JONSAE 22.pdf

The purpose of this paper is to identify and collect most commonly discussed project
success factors in the context of information systems (IS)…

Author: Nermina Durmic

Analysis of Transient and Voltage Stability of an 11-Busbar Testing System

JONSAE 20.pdf

A comprehensive treatment from the physical and mathematical perspective supply
modelling, analysis, control and covers a range of topics including…

Author: Alma Halilović, Mirza Šarić

Distribution of inherited thrombophilia markers in Bosnian-Herzegovinian
population: a review of previous studies

JONSAE 19.pdf

Thrombophilia is a condition that is associated with an individual’s risk for venous or
arterial thrombosis, as well as a risk of adverse pregnancy…

Author: Nermin Đuzić, Adna Ašić

Machine Learning in Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

JONSAE 17.pdf

This paper represents an overview of Machine Learning techniques used in Autism Spectrum
Disorder - ASD diagnosis. ASD is detected based on…

Author: Naida Nalo, Jasmin Kevrić

Handwriting digit recognition using Decision Tree Classifiers

JONSAE 16.pdf

The usage of handwritten character recognition has been useful for usage from large to
common consumer usage. The transitional period of the…

Author: Demir Korać, Samed Jukić, Mujo Hadžimehanović

Biometrics Based Access Control System

JONSAE 15.pdf

​Access control includes attendance checking and intrusion prevention. It is used to protect
property, employees and other assets of a company or…

Author: Mujo Hadžimehanović, ​Dino Kečo,​ ​Demir Korać​

Transient Stability Analysis on Modified IEEE 14-Bus System

JONSAE 13.pdf

Power system stability represents an important condition of the safe and efficient operation of
the electric power system. This paper presents the…

Author: Ermin Šunj, Ammar Arpadžić, Mirza Šarić

Impact of Electric Vehicles in a Grid-to-Vehicle Mode on Voltage Stability

JONSAE 12.pdf

With a rapid development and a massive deployment of electric vehicles, the power system is
facing many challenges regarding power quality and…

Author: Naida Nalo, Emina Kišija, Mirza Šarić

Essentials of Digital Forensics

Essentials of Digital Forensics (1).pdf

Information available on Internet Live Stats web site
( that 40 percent of world’s population is
using Internet Media…

Author: Kemal Hajdarević, Nermin Ziga and Mirza Halilovic


THE RETURN OF THE MODERN -by Luka Korleat.docx

The second half of nineties and twenties were the building Eldorado: the bank loans were shared without any delays to entrepreneurs and apartment…