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Essentials of Digital Forensics

Essentials of Digital Forensics (1).pdf

Information available on Internet Live Stats web site
( that 40 percent of world’s population is
using Internet Media…

Author: Kemal Hajdarević, Nermin Ziga and Mirza Halilovic


Korleat, Andrejevic.docx

The second half of nineties and twenties were the building Eldorado: the bank loans were shared without any delays to entrepreneurs and apartment…


Communication in Smart Homes with Emphasis wn Power Line Communication

Salihovic, Music, Jokic.docx

Abstract: Power Line Communication (PLC) is a technology that allows consumers to use the already existing wiring infrastructure to exchange…

Author: Ina Salihović

Review of Traffic Data Analysis for Accident Management

Kurtanovic, Dogru, Masetic.doc

Abstract - In the past decade transportation systems have been augmented with information and communication technology to provide innovative services…

Author: Samir Kurtanovic

Optimal Network Reconfiguration of the Distribution Network for Minimization of Power Loss and Voltage Deviation using NSGA-II Algorithm

Bandić, Nalo, Kevrić.docx

Abstract - For efficient power flow in the distribution system, one of the most important components is the accurate loss and voltage deviation…

Author: Lejla Bandić

Intrusion Detection System for Smart Meters in Power Distribution Network Based on Statistical Anomaly Detection

Šarić, Jašari, Arpadžić.docx

Abstract – Recently, there have been significant changes in the power system operation and management. These changes are driven by deregulation and…

Author: Mirza Šarić

Implementation of Graham’s Scan Method for Triangulation of Non Convex Polygons in Java Netbeans Environment

Selimovic, Saracevic, Doljak.docx

Abstract - This paper presents an algorithm for triangulation of non-convex polygons on the principle of Graham’s scan. This method is based on…

Author: Faruk Selimović

Effect of initial bacterial innoculum density on zones of inhibition in disk diffusion antibiotic susceptibility testing

Hadzic, Kudic, Avdic, Smajlovic-Skenderagic, Smajovic, Medjedovic.docx

Abstract - The primary objective of this study was to show how the density of the initial bacterial inoculum effects the zone inhibition in Disk…

Author: Aldijana Hadžić


Odobasic Novo, Novalic, Popovac.docx

Abstract - Urban development and regeneration that is powered by the idea of culture has become a norm and part of legislation in most European cities…

Author: Lejla Odoabsic Novo

The EU Cohesion Policy’s Impact on Regional Economic Development: The Case of Bulgaria


Abstract: The EU cohesion policy has been a major driver of change in the Member States, leading to positive effects as growth in employment,…

Author: Moraliyska, Monika