Poisonous Marine Organisms In Turkey And First Medical Aids

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Poisonous Marine Organisms In Turkey And First Medical Aids


Alparslan, Mustafa
Özalp, Hasan Barıs
Doğu, Sadettin


There are many poisonous marine organisms in BlackSea, Mediterranean, Aegean Sea and Marmara Sea in Turkey. These organisms: Trachinus draco, Scorpaena scrofa, S. porcus, Rhizostoma pulmo, Chrysaora hysoscella, Aurelia aurita, Pelagica noctiluca, Anemonia sulcata sulcata. First aid : if tentacles of nematocysts are still stuck to the skin, they need to be removed gently. Be careful not to squeeze them as to not discharge more nematocysts. Local anesthetic spray or ointment may remove some of the pain on minor stings. Tannic acid is believed to work well. Give cardiovascular and respiratory assistance if needed. Medical treatment:The best anesthetic ointments in order of efficiency seem to be: Lignocaine 5%; Ultralan 0.5% . Lignocaine gel. Benadryl cream isn’t as effective. Commercial creams don’t work as long. Se For other jellyfish stings, soak or rinse the area in vinegar (acetic acid) for 15-30 minutes to stop the nematocysts from releasing their toxins. vere itching may occur after a few days. Steroid ointments (i.e. hydrocortisone) could help.


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