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Volume 3, issue 2, article 2.pdf
It can be confidently stated that access to education is one of the most prized possessions available to us today. Although there are underlying factors such as the discrepancies in the education being provided worldwide, it is imperative that data…
Author: Ezana Ćeman, Ajdin Salihović, Samed Jukić

Volume 3, Issue 2, article 1.pdf
Cancer is a very troubling disease due to its unique morphological characteristics,
capacity for drug resistance, and immunosuppressive abilities. Traditional methods used both for research of cancer and its subsequent treatment have fallen short of…
Author: Hannah Boone

JONSAE ID37 final.docx.pdf
B. subtilis is normally considered a soil organism, it can be also found in the animal and
human gastrointestinal tract. Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii is a type of Bacillus subtilis complex.
It shares up to 99% of homology with B. subtilis…
Author: Selma Cifric

JONSAE ID34 final.docx.pdf
The aim of this paper is to present and discuss the influence of distributed generation on
power quality. Nowadays, interest in power quality has increased since it has become a very
important issue in power system delivery. One of the major…
Author: Alma Halilović, Lejla Mujanović, Jasna Hivziefendić

JONSAE ID33 final.docx.pdf
Urinary tract infections pose a serious problem to people, both in the hospital
environment and outside world. They are characterized by high mortality and ability to cause
health problems in areas of the human body other than the urinary tract. It…
Author: Lamija Hafizović, Selma Karup, Almin Hadžialić

JONSAE 31 final.docx.pdf
– While leveraging cloud computing for large-scale distributed applications allows
seamless scaling, many companies struggle following up with the amount of data generated in terms
of efficient processing and anomaly detection, which is a necessary…
Author: Ibrahim Muzaferija, Zerina Mašetić

JONSAE 27 final.docx.pdf
Today, when looking at the quality of an online item, the feedback itself plays a very
important role. Based on the feedback we can decide whether the desired item is good or not, get a
picture of the seller and so on. Many companies that have…
Author: Abdulrahman Almonajed Dino Kečo

JONSAE 24 final.docx.pdf
The study examined the forms and models of cloud computing technology adopted in the
selected institutions from four states in Southwestern Nigeria. The three purposively selected institutions
were Federal, State and Private owned making twelve…
Author: Gbonjubola Oluwafunmilayo Binuyo

JONSAE 21 final.docx.pdf
Within the last 20 years, there has been witnessed a significant increase of the urban
population of Sarajevo, as a result of economic and social migrations. Consequently, this has caused
an increasing demand for new housing which is mainly…
Author: Emina Mehić

Četvrti dio.pdf
Autor se u radu bavi analizom teorijskih osnova odnosa dva oblika države, te ispitivanjem ustavnih sistema selektovanih izvedbenih oblika federalizma (Sjedinjene Američke Države, evropskokontinentalni pravni krug i Evropska unija). Cilj rada je…
Author: Davor Trlin
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