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Pred Vama se nalazi knjiga “Studije o betonu 2015-2016”. U sebi sadrži tri studije iz oblasti betona i betonskih konstrukcija iz naznačenog perioda. Namjera je da ovo bude samo prva knjiga iz serije studija o betonu i betonskim konstrukcijama, …
Author: Džidić, Sanin Okugić, Husein Bajramović, Emir

Abstract A study on the research for ‘Sıra Geceleri’ considering its structure, mechanism and contents in terms of maintaining the conservation of Sanliurfa Culture and its transfer to the next generation. This study presents the research that…
Author: Gelez, Cavit ÖZUYGUN, Ali Rıza

This is the narrative of the fieldwork conducted by the Global Citizenship Studies Department at Seisen University. The fieldwork in the Native-Americans reservation was started in 2008 in Colville in the State of Washington. Since 2008, we have sent…
Author: Aikyo, Mikiko

The focus of this research is on meeting South East European University (SEEU) students’ diverse needs for reading. Although in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom, all four language skills are important, reading becomes most important…
Author: Bajrami, Iranda

The goal of this paper is two-fold. First, we outline the various reading comprehension strategies employed in teaching EAP courses in Israel, and discuss challenges faced by students- native speakers of various Semitic languages (Hebrew, Arabic, and…
Author: Gordishevsky, Galina Slabodar, Ira

The process of the world globalization leads to the enlargement of intercultural and interlingual connections among the representatives of different countries, nations, religions and cultures. Herewith, there is a special interest towards the study…
Author: Kulagina, Margarita

Education as an area is most closely associated with the formation of human personality, and therefore is the most important factor of economic and social development. The teacher was and still is the key figure in the education system. Consequently,…
Author: Tolipov, Utkir

TBL is an approach that makes the task the basic unit for planning and teaching. It contrasts with approaches that are centred around grammar because it involves the specification not of a sequence of language items, but of a sequence of…
Author: Turan, Sema

In a society, group or institution in other words, all that is needed the cooperation of the people in the social structure and social capital important have a decisive impact. Especially intense social relationships and interactions are deemed…
Author: Berk Karacan, Emine Karacan, Huseyin

An issue that until recently has been “irrelevant” for me personally and for many other English teachers, is the issue of reading rate/speed. I presumably believe that most teachers have never thought of this issue because of limited time for…
Author: Miftari, Igballe
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