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Tunçbilek Open Cast Coal Mine of Garp Lignite Enterprise (GLI) is located in Kütahya, Turkey and the overburden removal operations are carried out by using Truck/Shovel Systems which is faced with the problem of changing number of trucks due to …
Author: Çetin, Necmettin

The Villa Savoye was the culmination of many years of design, and the basis for much of Le Corbusier's later architecture. The plan of the building is square; one of the ideal shapes which the architects so admired. Within this strict geometry,…
Author: HASANOVIC, Mustafa

Water is the basis of life on earth; it is the main component of the environment and an essential element for human life. Water is also fundamental for sustaining a high quality of life and for economic and social development. Human health greatly…
Author: HALİLOĞLU, H. İbrahim BAYIR, Abdulkadir SİRKECİOĞLU, A. Necdet BAYIR, Mehtap ARAS, N. Mevlüt

Simulation remains attractive for teaching, training and performance analysis of computer networks. This paper presents a robust simulation environment targeted for teaching and learning the complex dynamics of computer networks. The…
Author: Zengin, Ahmet Köklükaya, Etem Ekiz, Hüseyin

The function of the engineering profession is to manipulate materials, energy, and information, in that way creating benefit for humankind. To perform this effectively, engineers must have knowledge of nature that goes beyond plain theory that is…
Author: Kayıkcı, Ramazan

There is no suspect that qualified human capital has positive effects on sustainable development. In particular, on local and regional development, it comes to the fore. In this respect, when it is evaluated, the importance with regard to this will…
Author: Çolakoğlu, Elif Barli, Önder

After the “alle”s which were constituded in Medieval, greenways that took form with the “parkway” idea of Olmsted and Vaux in XIX. Century are the open space connectors which arrange parks, natural reserves, historical sites, and their cultural…
Author: Kurtaslan, Banu Öztürk

Nowadays when we say genetics there is a very popular type of sickness that comes in our minds, Cancer. There are Tumor cells which cause cancer. In this symposium I would like to introduce Protein 53 at chromosome 17 also known as Tumor…
Author: BALKAYA, Hasan Emin

With over 8300 km of coastline and 25 million square hectares of useably sea, Turkey has particularly bright future in aquaculture. Interest has centred on two major species sea bream, sea bass, Those are most favourable have been the Aegean and…
Author: TOKSEN, Erol TANRIKUL, T. Tansel BALTA, Fikri KOYUNCU, Erkin

The transportation as a system is an important component of social and economy sustainable development. Sustainable development of transportation requires consideration, not only its own economic results, but also positive and negative effects of…
Author: Kulović, Mirsad
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