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Increase demand on water resources make ground waters essential due to the fact that surface waters don’t actually meet the water requirements for agricultural, industrial, recreational and drinking purposes. Provided that their quality and…
Author: Cırık, Kevser Çutay, Emine Gündoğan, Elif Gamze Kılıç, Arzu Çınar, Özer

Release of colored wastewaters represents a major environmental problem worldwide due to the toxicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of the dyes and their breakdown products. Therefore much attention has been focused on the effective treatment…
Author: Cırık, Kevser Çınar, Özer

Table grapes is a second industry in viticulture in Turkey and have been grown in primarily Mediterranean region a popular fruit for local consumption and export to many European and Asian countries as a fresh dessert and for this reason this…
Author: DEMİR, Fikret KARA, Zeki CARMAN, Kazım

The T2 generations of the ScMTII gene bearing transgenic and non-transgenic tobacco plants were grown on the nutrient medium with the addition of 0, 5 and 10 mg L- 1 Zn to evaluate Zn accumulation capacity. Dry mass of shoot and roots, Zn…
Author: Daghan, Hatice Arslan, Mehmet Koleli, Nurcan Uygur, Veli Eren, Abdullah

Turkey is among the leading countries in the world in citrus production as far as its geographical position and its ecological properties are concerned. In 2008 data indicate a global world citrus production of 122.087.751 tonnes, 22.019.156…
Author: Dal, Banu

The aim of this study was to investigate the live weights at birth (BW), weaning (WW), sixth (SW), twelfth (TW) and eighteenth (EW) months of age by cluster analysis in Konya Merino sheep. k-means clustering methods was used for the cluster…
Author: Dağ, Birol Keskin, İsmail

Off-season fruit growing is expressed as to take the harvest time early or late than that of the normal growing season. Off-season production is preferred both to meet the fruit demand of off-season and to sell the products with higher price. In…
Author: Demiral, Sara Ülger, Salih

Internet is a communication network and source of knowledge used extensively in many areas. Its use in healthcare field is increasing day by day. Internet users search for a lot of subjects such as medical knowledge, diseases, treatment options,…
Author: Demirel, Mustafa Tekin, Ayse Özbek, Sercan Kaya, Esin

The potential to remove Cr (VI) ion from aqueous solutions using modified rye straws (MRS), through adsorption was investigated in batch experiments. Rye straws were collected from vicinity of Konya, Turkey and modified with various amount of…
Author: Deveci, Huseyin Pehlivan, Erol

In this researh, six reproductive and three milk yield traits were determined and genetic and phenotypic parameters were estimated for these nine traits in the Holstein Friesian cows reared at the State Farm of Koças in Aksaray (Turkey). The least…
Author: Durnalı, Murat Öztürk, Ayhan
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