Evaluation of Zinc Accumulation Ability of Transgenic and Non Transgenic Tobacco

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Evaluation of Zinc Accumulation Ability of Transgenic and Non Transgenic Tobacco


Daghan, Hatice
Arslan, Mehmet
Koleli, Nurcan
Uygur, Veli
Eren, Abdullah


The T2 generations of the ScMTII gene bearing transgenic and non-transgenic tobacco plants were grown on the nutrient medium with the addition of 0, 5 and 10 mg L- 1 Zn to evaluate Zn accumulation capacity. Dry mass of shoot and roots, Zn concentration and Zn content were determined. In addition to Zn, glutathion (SH groups) concentrations, N, P, K, Cu, Fe and Mn of shoots and roots were determined. After growth for 15 days on media containing 10 mg L-1 Zn, non-transgenic plant showed slight chlorosis symptoms, including significant reduction in growth and chlorophyll. Transgenic and non-transgenic tobacco plants have been tested in terms of phytoremediator for Zn accumulations. The highest Zn concentration in shoots and also roots was tested in all Zn supply. The results showed that Zn accumulation ability of transgenic tobacco plant was higher than nontransgenic tobacco plants and Zn accumulation in the transgenic and the non transgenic tobacco plants were lower in the shoots compared to the roots. The Zn concentration in shoot of transgenic plant was increased by approximately 1.4 times compared to the non transgenic tobacco plants. Higher amount of Zn concentration in the shoot is a good indicator as a phytoremediation agent. The results showed that p-S-ScMTII gene bearing transgenic tobacco plant is not suitable for phytoextraction either detected lower amount of Zn concentration (<10000 mg Zn kg-1 DM) in the shoot or the translocation factor value was less than one.


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