Off-Season Fruit Production

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Off-Season Fruit Production


Demiral, Sara
√úlger, Salih


Off-season fruit growing is expressed as to take the harvest time early or late than that of the normal growing season. Off-season production is preferred both to meet the fruit demand of off-season and to sell the products with higher price. In world, people who are good in economic level buy fresh fruit in every season. For example, fruits produced in the world's Southern Hemisphere countries are sold as fresh fruit to Northern Hemisphere countries in the winter months. Besides, some countries of Northern Hemisphere are trying to making the off season production in greenhouses or protected areas to meet fruit demand of off season. In recent years, the cultivation of fruit trees in pots have been started to grow for off season fruit production. The plants, growing for off-season is put into cold storage to meet their cold accumulation. The plants are achieved cold accumulation then transferred to open field or protected areas to produce fruit desired periods. One of the goals of our country in the fruit growing is to be a brand in off season fruit in foreign markets.


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