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The use of plants to meet the world’s food needs is vital to human survival. On a global basis, over 65 % of food protein and over 80 % of food energy is supplied by plants. In terms of gross tonnage, approximately 98 % of the total world food…
Author: Onder, Mustafa Kahraman, Ali

Factor analysis is applied to the dataset on surface water quality of the Sakarya River (Turkey), generated one year monitoring at five monitoring stations for eight parameters. This study presents of factor analysis technique for evaluation of…
Author: Yerel, Suheyla Ozbay, Nurgul Ankara, Huseyin

Aquaponic is the combined culture of fish and plants in recirculation systems, has become increasingly popular. Nutrients, which are excreted directly by the fish or generated by the microbial breakdown of organic wastes, are absorbed by plants…
Author: Turkmen, Gurel Guner, Yusuf

Taraklı, although its history goes very back, is an Ottoman settlement place in which the Ottoman civilian architecture samples are abundant when its pattern that should be protected was taken into account. It is a fact that the mentioned…
Author: APAY, Ahmet C. AKGUL, Tahir AYDIN, Emine

In the present study, electrocoagulation (EC) has been evaluated as a treatment technology for arsenic (As) removal from aqueous solutions. Iron plate electrode was used in experiments. The experiments was used were carried out in a batch reactor.…
Author: Boncukçuoğlu, Recep Can, Berrin Z. Yilmaz, Alper E. Kocakerim, M. Muhtar

Applications of artificial intelligence techniques, such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms and neural-fuzzy systems, in engineering have gained momentum in past decade. Main applications of these techniques in…
Author: Erenturk, Koksal

Bananas have been cultivated economically for a long time in subtropical regions of Turkey where production and productivity per hectare have significantly increased due to the adoption of protected cultivation. Protected cultivation of banana…
Author: Gübbük, Hamide

In order to obtain both durability and originality of the timber structures it is necessary to strengthen them particularly in the weak joint places. The aims of strengthen in the connecting places are to decrease the stress, to obtain fibre…
Author: Sarıbıyık, Mehmet AKGUL, Tahir APAY, Ahmet Sarıbıyık, Ali

In this study an electrorheological (ER) effect of the suspensions containing both native starch (S) and modified starch (MS) particles in corn oil under various externally applied electric field strengths are reported. To prepare an ER active…
Author: Yavuz, Mustafa Tilki, Tahir Çabuk, Mehmet Ulutürk, Mehmet

The global shrimp aquaculture has passed its 30th year as a significant and rapidly growing and now represents a multi-billion dollar a year industry. More than half of the global shrimp supply now comes from farms. Recent statistics show that in…
Author: Turkmen, Gurel Toksen, Erol
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