Architecture Constructions Which Were Established Taraklı In Sakarya, Turkey

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Architecture Constructions Which Were Established Taraklı In Sakarya, Turkey


APAY, Ahmet C.
AKGUL, Tahir
AYDIN, Emine


Taraklı, although its history goes very back, is an Ottoman settlement place in which the Ottoman civilian architecture samples are abundant when its pattern that should be protected was taken into account. It is a fact that the mentioned architectural asset was unnoticed until the recently and the required studies should be carried out in order to reveal this our valuable heritage. It is an expected process for this 200-300-year architectural pattern to fray and extinct. It is only possible with the academic studies to stop or slow down this process. The value of the studies on this issue was stated in traditional architectural heritage regulation as follows. “Traditional architecture has a special place for the whole society and it is a reasonable source of proud. It is accepted as an attractive product that reflects the characteristics and differences of the society. It is utilitarian, attractive and pretty. It is both the focus of contemporary life and a document for the past of a society. It is an inappropriate behavior not to make an effort to maintain these traditional harmonies which create the core of the human being’s existence on the world.” There are approximately 400 historical structures, 90 of which are documented, in Taraklı that still protects its traditional pattern and features and has a rooted history. These structures are composed of inns, baths, schools, mosques and houses in great numbers with public buildings in a few numbers. In this study, the general architectural pattern and the features of this pattern of the current structures in Taraklı that witnessed to our architectural history with its architectural aesthetic and eyeful beauty was examined. Moreover, the studies to be carried out to protect our historical heritage were determined analyzing the current structures


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