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Steganography techniques, which are a set of data hiding algorithms utilizing mathematical methods, have revealed significant advancement by means of latest computing technologies. Although many distinct steganography techniques have been suggested…
Author: Çetin, Özdemir Özcerit, Ahmet Turan

In this study, a computer and microcontroller based fuel control system for fourcylinder internal combustion engines has been designed and some applications have been implemented. Fuel control system designed for real time control the amount of…
Author: Boru, Barıs Eskikurt, Halil İbrahim Parlak, Adnan

MAC protocols have direct control over radio which is the most energy consuming part of a wireless sensor node. TDMA based WSN MAC protocols are more energy-efficient than contention based counterparts. However, classical TDMA based protocols are…
Author: Sazak, Nukhet Erturk, Ismail ÇAKIROGLU, Murat Köklükaya, Etem

In this paper, a functional based simulator has been designed to facilitate the education of the 8051 microcontroller, which is used widely in today's engineering and educational purposes. In the realization of the simulator, a PC-based program is…
Author: Ozcerit, Ahmet Turan Guney, Necat

This paper describes a developed Multilingual Media Monitoring System (MMMS) software and reports how it may be utilized to effectively facilitate PR facilities at an academic institution in Balkans. There are many international charity projects…
Author: ÇETİNER, B. Gültekin GÜNDOĞAN, Mete GÜRSOY, Osman

This paper proposes a new forecasting method for a marketing decision model. To support the modeling process, a fuzzy expert system was designed to determine whether a new product should enter the market. The fuzzy expert system based model…
Author: Hasiloglu, A.Samet Gul, Umit

Meadow and pasture resources fulfill many important tasks, besides feature of being a source of feed for livestock production. Being natural balance element, erosion prevention, clean water, air and food production and protection of genetic…
Author: ERDURMUS, Cengiz ÇEÇEN, Semiha ÇAKMAKÇI, Sadık TOKER, Ramazan

By considering the dimensional measurements of the students who spend most of their time at school, the fact that their body and structural equipment haven’t been designed will affect their body and psychological improvements negatively.…
Author: KAYA, M. Dursun MALKOÇ, ismail ERDOĞAN, Osman KARA, Aslı YELSiYURT, Hakkı

The rapid population growth, extreme and unplanned consumption, in line with technological developments, cause intensive pressure upon natural sources. Likewise, the human values that have a global importance due to historical and cultural features…
Author: Doğanay, Serkan Alım, Mete ALTAS, Namık Tanfer

Speed, hardware, cost, diversity of user demands and interoperability requirements of today’s network systems cause several difficulties in network research. In design phase, due to time and cost advantage of modeling and simulation science it is…
Author: Çobanoğlu, Bülent Zengin, Ahmet Tüncel, Sinan Ekiz, Hüseyin
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