A Survey Of Network Modeling And Simulation Tools: Devs Comparison

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A Survey Of Network Modeling And Simulation Tools: Devs Comparison


Çobanoğlu, Bülent
Zengin, Ahmet
Tüncel, Sinan
Ekiz, Hüseyin


Speed, hardware, cost, diversity of user demands and interoperability requirements of today’s network systems cause several difficulties in network research. In design phase, due to time and cost advantage of modeling and simulation science it is widely used by researchers working on network systems. In order to expedite and simplify the design process, to design and develop network simulation tools is an active research area. Today, many modeling and simulation tools are available in computer networks research and education. In this study, to assist researchers working on computer networks in the selection of modeling and simulation tools, several best-known simulators are selected and compared. Especially to examine the advantages and disadvantages of network simulators used for training purposes, an OSPF protocol implementation was devised to discuss strengths and weaknesses of simulators. At the same time, executing a general purpose DEVS based OSPF model in DEVS-Suite simulator; the advantages of the method are summarized.


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