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The purpose of this study is to tap the problems in the mixed ability classrooms, and comment on what the reactions of English teachers towards them should be. Having students who exhibit a wide range of English language ability in the same class…
Author: ÇEPIK, Şaban

Internet addiction is a common problem in our universities as the number of Internet users are increased. The Internet has positive aspects including informative, convenient, resourceful and fun, but for the addicts, these benefits develop into…
Author: ÇARDAK, Mehmet KOÇ, Mustafa ÇOLAK, Tuğba Seda

Author: ZZEYREK, Suat ERKEN, Ali

In recent years, there seem rapid changes in education and teaching. In order to provide effective learning, new methods, techniques and materials are developed and used. Given the new curriculum of the course of geography (2005) which tries to…
Author: ZAMAN, Serhat COSKUN, Ogün SEVER, Ramazan TÜRKEZ, Kenan ZAMAN, Nilgün

Writing is pivotal and good language use is marked in higher education throughout disciplines. Self-assumptions, others’ arguments, transformed knowledge, and research results are primarily given in written documents including articles, theses, …
Author: Yagiz, Oktay YIGITER, Kemalettin Genc, Gencay

This study includes a general analysis of the “Social Service Applications” course, which became part of the curriculum of Education Faculties in 2006-2007 in Turkey within the context of sustainable development. A holistic perspective that takes…
Author: YAŞAR, M. Ruhat AYTAÇ, Ömer

In this research, the evaluation of approaches and implementations of democratic attitudes and behaviors in schools has been aimed. To achieve this purpose, the pre-service teachers’, who has gone to primary and high school for teaching practice in…
Author: UYGUN, Selçuk

Charter school movement in the USA: Would that be a new school model for the world? In this presentation, the charter school movement in the USA will be highlighted based on the questions below: Is there a Constitution article for charter schools? …
Author: Türkyılmaz, M. Uğur
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