Sustainable Development as a Course: Social Service Applications

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Sustainable Development as a Course: Social Service Applications


YAŞAR, M. Ruhat


This study includes a general analysis of the “Social Service Applications” course, which became part of the curriculum of Education Faculties in 2006-2007 in Turkey within the context of sustainable development. A holistic perspective that takes socio-cultural elements into account instead of a deterministic view which stresses only the economic factors is very important in sustainable development. Enhancing knowledge and policies must be shared in a cooperative way, as improvement of social life is very important for sustainable development. Therefore, the objectives and contents of the afore mentioned course is in line with the aim of utilizing human resources within the context of social problems, which is very important in social development. This approach which enhances the development of social life necessitates a new cooperation that will secure cooperation between universities and society. “Social Service Applications” course is, therefore, an important opportunity within the context of sustainable development. In this study, it is verified that university students who are conditioned not to take responsibility without being given homework get used to taking responsibility within the context of the course. The study also comprises evaluations of what can be done to make the course more useful and efficient, as well as its role in sustainable development. The study discusses the coordination between the university, civil society and public management in the applicability of the course, as well.


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