Review of Traffic Data Analysis for Accident Management

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Review of Traffic Data Analysis for Accident Management


Samir Kurtanovic
Nejdet Dogru
Zerina Masetic


Abstract - In the past decade transportation systems have been augmented with information and communication technology to provide innovative services to the participants in the traffic. This synergy has resulted in safer and more optimized transportation network. In past few decades, newly developed systems in the area of transportation have been collectively called the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS can be defined as a holistic, control and information and communication upgrade of the classical traffic and transportation system that achieves significantly improved performance, traffic flow, more efficient passenger and goods transport, improved traffic safety, comfort and passenger protection, and reduction of environmental pollution. The interest in ITS comes from problems caused by traffic jams, traffic accidents, environmental concerns, congestions, delays and the synergy of latest information technology for simulation, real-time control and communication networks. Traffic accident management is one of the main focus fields of ITS due to the severe consequence that the accidents have. This paper surveys the traffic accident relation studies in ITS.


Keywords: Intelligent Transportation System, Accident Detection, Traffic Data Analysis, Traffic Flow Modelling, Traffic Monitoring


International Burch University


Journal of Natural Sciences and Engineering

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