Fish Health in Sustainable Development of Agriculture

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Fish Health in Sustainable Development of Agriculture


Toksen, Erol
Çağıgan, Hasmet
Değirmenci, Uğur
Nemli, Egemen
Canyurt, Mehmet Ali


Aquaculture is a fast-growing food production sector. The gradually increase of this production of fish resulted in serious pathological problems in all countries where intensive aquaculture is practiced. Sustainable development of aquaculture relies on disease prevention. With an intensification of operations, the risk of disease occurence and spread of infectious increases. In aquaculture prevention is a key issue more than in other animal productions in health management. The risk of the diseases increases with the intensification of the production and can be controlled mainly trough the implementation of sanitary or medical prophylactic programs. Sanitation relates to hygienic rules, cleaning and disenfection procedures, water treatment, but also good feeding and rearing practies. Good husbandry and vaccination programs should be applied. Diseases maps and certificaitons programs and regulations must be established. The aim of this paper is to present general overview of important applications for sanitation in sustainable aquaculture.


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