Friction Welding And Its Applications In Today’s World

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Friction Welding And Its Applications In Today’s World


UZKUT, Mehmet
ÜNLÜ, Bekir Sadık
YILMAZ, Selim Sarper
AKDAĞ, Mustafa


By developing technology of today, the necessity of using different materials by joining came out. The most suitable method in joining two different alloyed steel is to weld. The fact that the properties of welding zone are naturally different from the properties of steels in different alloyed at post welding process has came up and these differences occur some important problems. Among many kinds of welding methods, using the melting welding methods has also increased the number of these problems. However, in the connecting zone, many different zones come out by depending on composition and properties of the connecting materials. Deposite remain of the melting welding methods, welding faults of porosity and inside tightens of cooling are the important disadvantages of these methods and they decreases the strength of welding. For this reason, solid state welding methods are more suitable due to these melting welding faults. The most important and applicability of these methods are friction welding. For these reasons, in this study importance and application areas of friction welding were explained.


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