Personality Characteristics and Emotional Intelligence Levels of Millenials: A Study in Turkish Context

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Personality Characteristics and Emotional Intelligence Levels of Millenials: A Study in Turkish Context


ORDUN, Guven
AKUN, Asli


The purpose of the study is twofold. The first purpose of the study is to investigate the relations between personality characteristics and emotional intelligence of the Millennials. Costa and McCrea’s Big Five Personality Inventory (IPIP-NEO) is used to measure the personality characteristics of the millenials. Emotional intelligence dimensions are measured by Wong and Law emotional intelligence scale (WLEIS). Secondary purpose of the study is to find self-evaluations of the Millenials related with their characteristics. Roger’s Q-Sort Scale is used to find out Millenials self perceptions. An advantage of the Q-Sort Scale is that it offers straightforward assumptions about the underlying structure of a concept within demographical segments. Results reveal that use of emotion is positively correlated with conscientiousness whereas regulation of emotion is negatively correlated with Neuroticism. Furthermore, personality characteristics have effects on emotional intelligence dimensions. The effects are much more significant for regulation and use of emotions dimensions. These dimensions are assumed to be important determinants of performance within organizations so it is important to analyze the personality constructs associated with them. Depending on their self-perceptions, millienials evaluate themselves relatively high on positive traits (e.g. honest, out-going, etc.) and low on negative traits (e.g. unhelpful, dishonest, etc.). Regarding personality characteristics, they evaluated themselves highest in openness and lowest in neuroticism. Millenials will be the dominating workforce for the upcoming years, so if they are willing to establish high performance relations, managers should better understand Millenial characteristics and perspective. Keywords: Millenials, Personality Characteristics, Emotional Intelligence.




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