Situation Of The Dikili Gulf Fishes For Sustainable Fisheries

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Situation Of The Dikili Gulf Fishes For Sustainable Fisheries


Mehmet, İkiz


Conservation fish stocks in the aquatic ecosystem is important for sustainable fish production. Continuation of the fish species generations in a habitat is affected by environmental conditions and hunting pressure. For the sustainability of the reproductive abilities of fishes, it is essential to know interactions with the the other species that live in habitat. In this way the production models, that encourage the fish to grow in its natural habitat, can be developed. In this study, the fish species that live in Dikili Bay of Izmir City and their economic features were investigated. Fish species that live in Dikili Bay were examined systematically and biologically; also identification keys of the species were formed. Morphometric and meristic characters of obtained species were identified. In the examination, 70 species belonging to 39 families were identified. 9 species of these belong to chondrichythyes and 61 to osteichtyes. 31 of these species are economically important species and are hunted. 2 of them (Sea bream and sea bass) are farmed in Turkey, also. As a result of inadequate protection measures and mindless hunting, it was observed 31 economically important and identified species, that live in the Dikili bay, began to extinction day by day. Due to the sea bottom is sandy, it provides appropriate conditions to trawl fishing. By hunting with this method leads to deterioration of marine ecosystems. Unlike the other surface fishnets, the trawling disrupts the fish shelters and nests and makes them irreversible. In this context, placement of an artificial fish shelters, both will form habitat for fish and with this way trawling can be prevented partially. In addition, to protect the natural balances of the economically important fish species, stock enhancement programs, that used for terrestrial water resources, are able to apply for local marine fish species. By the stock enhancement programs, the natural fish stocks will increase and the sustainable fisheries will be provided in the natural environment. Keywords: Dikili Bay, Sustainable Fisheries, fish stocks, stock enhancement, trawling.


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