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In this study, results of which have been presented, our aim is to determine avocado commercial cultivars grown in Antalya- Turkey ecological conditions and their graft compatibity with Persea americana var. drymifolia and P. nubigena var. …
Author: Küçük, Sadettin Coskun, Recep Temirkaynak, Meliha

The intensive competition in global world markets has shown that existence of enterprises is only possible by ensuring customer satisfaction. Ensuring customer satisfaction is possible by developing products that can meet expectations of customers.…
Author: Akyüz, Birol Yayla, A. Yesim

Soil structure are very important factor at plant growing. Plants take water and plant nutrients via their roots. If the factors such as water holding capacity and porosity of soil is good enough, yield and quality of plant will be increased.…
Author: BAYYURT, Rudil AYAR SENSOY, Funda ÇAKALOZ KOÇ, Burçin ERCAN, Nurgül

Removal of cadmium from synthetically prepared solution using electrochemical processes is studied in the present study. To determine the optimum operation conditions, the effect of several parameters such as current density and initial solution…
Author: BAYAR, Serkan YILMAZ, Alper Erdem BONCUKCUOĞLU, Recep

In this study, the dissolution kinetics of chalcopyrite concentrate was investigated by using the solutions obtained with dissolution of chalcopyrite concentrate in water saturated with chlorine. Reaction temperature, solid-to-liquid ratio,…
Author: Yartası, Ahmet Temur, Hakan Kocakerim, M. Muhtar

The objective of this research was to determine the prolactin gene polymorphism within Indigenous Anatolian Water Buffalo breed and Brown Swiss cattle by using PCR-RFLP method. Experimental material for this study consists of 45 Indigenous…
Author: Kaplan, Selçuk Boztepe, Saim

The present study was conducted in order to determine the macro and micro elements uptake from the soil by corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas L.) depending on its existence in different densities.The study was carried out on Karahan-99 type …
Author: Akay, Aysen Karaca, Murat

Turkey is among the leading countries in the world in citrus production as far as its geographical position and its ecological properties are concerned. In 2008 data indicate a global world citrus production of 122.087.751 tonnes, 22.019.156…
Author: Dal, Banu

The world is increasingly becoming an urban place. Urbanization increases the distance between people and natural space. Urban ecosystems differ from natural or rural ones in many obvious ways. Green space is an important part of complex urban …
Author: ONDER, Serpil

This research has been carried out in Canakkale-Turkey in order to determine the growth, yield and seed quality of 31 cowpea populations which were collected from Agean and Marmara Coastal Region. Research has been laid out in randomized block…
Author: OZTOKAT, Canan DEMİR, Ibrahim
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