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Steganography techniques, which are a set of data hiding algorithms utilizing mathematical methods, have revealed significant advancement by means of latest computing technologies. Although many distinct steganography techniques have been suggested…
Author: Çetin, Özdemir Özcerit, Ahmet Turan

A Stochastic non-linear optimization model using Quadratic Programming (QP) is presented for a hypothetical blending type problem in mining industry. Microsoft Excel 10.0 Solver is used to develop the model for a three-seam coal mine and data are…
Author: ÇETIN, Necmettin GÖKTAS, Ünal

Waste materials are serious environmental problem because they have harmed to soil and ground water. Rapidly developing technology has increased production and consumption. The increasing of production and consumption results in the increase of…
Author: ZORLUER, Ismail Taspolat, Lemi Tufan

Fırtına Basin and Kaçkar Mountains National Park are located in the Eastern Black Sea part of the Eastern Black Sea Region. Administratively, the whole Fırtına Basin, and a great part of Kaçkar Mountains National Park (83.7 %) area located within…
Author: ZAMAN, Mehmet

Factor analysis is applied to the dataset on surface water quality of the Sakarya River (Turkey), generated one year monitoring at five monitoring stations for eight parameters. This study presents of factor analysis technique for evaluation of…
Author: Yerel, Suheyla Ozbay, Nurgul Ankara, Huseyin

In this study an electrorheological (ER) effect of the suspensions containing both native starch (S) and modified starch (MS) particles in corn oil under various externally applied electric field strengths are reported. To prepare an ER active…
Author: Yavuz, Mustafa Tilki, Tahir Çabuk, Mehmet Ulutürk, Mehmet

In this study, the dissolution kinetics of chalcopyrite concentrate was investigated by using the solutions obtained with dissolution of chalcopyrite concentrate in water saturated with chlorine. Reaction temperature, solid-to-liquid ratio,…
Author: Yartası, Ahmet Temur, Hakan Kocakerim, M. Muhtar

With the advent of electronic commerce (e-commerce), business became dependent on information systems in a new manner. Consequently information security turned out to be more and more important for data-protection. In opposed to previous systems,…
Author: Vural, Halit Dogru, Nejdet Subasi, Abdulhamit

Now a days neural network is used to many experiment area for get detail point. One of them is diesel engine technologies. There are lots of factors, at four-stroke six-cylinder a diesel engine’s performance. From the engine’s important…
Author: Uzun, Abdullah Vatansever, Fahri
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