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What are the obstacles that impede understanding and decrease proficiency in reading academic texts in ESP? Correspondingly, how can they be overcome to achieve learning outcomes of EFL courses at tertiary level? Broadly speaking, academic texts are…
Author: Čupić, Iva Klanjčić, Martina

The paper touches upon the peculiarities of the so called “marine theme” in Romantic art as a whole, and its central image – the Flying Dutchman, in particular. The etymology of this image, as well its numerous literary interpretations make up the…
Author: Makarova, Inna S.

The current study aims at examining the tense and agreement patterns as produced by agrammatic Palestinian-Arabic speakers using sentence completion tasks. The participants were presented with two sentences and asked to work on them. The first…
Author: Adam, Hisham

Humanities and social sciences are mostly regarded as ''soft sciences''. Females have greater interest in them compared to males. Because linguistic (in this paper, English language studies) belongs to both humanities and social sciences, the present…
Author: Aydoğan, Hakan Akbarov, Azamat

The purpose of this study is to explore the noun-derived adpositions in Persian language and other living Iranian Languages in the light of the relevant literature. To accomplish that, first the existing works that deal this type of…
Author: Muhip Özyurt, Güneş

Learning difficulties (LDs) refer to a range of complex and often misunderstood neurological-based processing challenges. In most cases, these processing cause challenges to the acquisition of basic skills such as reading, writing and math. Different…
Author: Velić Bešić, Elma

Despite the fact that phrasal verbs are used in everyday English, foreign learners avoid learning and using them for their complexity and impossibility to understand the meaning of a phrasal verb from its separate parts (a verb itself and a particle…
Author: Mirkovic, Djukica

This paper examines designing language teaching materials as an integral segment of language courses taught at tertiary level. Firstly, it defines teaching materials and considers them both as anything that can be used to facilitate the language…
Author: Gak, Dragana Pleše, Dubravka

Trinity College Diploma in TESOL offers a compulsory part of the course titled Unknown Language Learning Experience. It is an assessed part of the course and it accounts for 20% of the final mark. Trainees have to write a language journal guided by a…
Author: Cecic Mladinic, Daniela

U radu se istražuje zastupljenost sufiksa perzijskog porijekla u bosanskom jeziku, koji su općenito manje proučavani u poređenju s npr. sufiksima turskog porijekla. Želi se ukazati na činjenicu da oni nisu tako malobrojni, kako bi se moglo činiti,…
Author: Šehović, Amela Haverić, Dženita
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