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The tendency among contemporary women writers to look inside themselves for material for fiction is particularly evident in the work of Alice Munro. Munro’s practice of utilizing personal experience in her stories is central to her work, and is…
Author: Alihodžić, Demir

Slovenia has long been a place for immigration; with the accession into the European Union it has become even more interesting for different groups of immigrants from European and non-European countries. According to the Statistical Office of the…
Author: Skubic, Darija Jerman, Janez

It is the general opinion that translation of literary works should be transparent and in the spirit of the original. The same applies for translation of personal names as one of particularities of a literary work. In addition to identifying…
Author: Vidiček, Biljana

The aim of this study was to examine the use of educational games in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) to young learners. The research was conducted in “Meša Selimović” elementary school in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The…
Author: Žerić, Alma

Sooner or later, countries like Poland will have to welcome immigrants from the Middle East and successfully communicate with the immigrants from different cultural backgrounds. I would like to argue that critical cultural awareness proves to be a…
Author: Cierpisz, Agata

This article deals with the peculiarities of mechanisms providing formation of semantics of compound words from the perspective of the cognitive approach. More to the point, it is a question of conceptual derivation, where meaning formation of…
Author: Safarov, Shahriyor Akbarov, Azamat

In the context of English as a global language, and Netspeak as a new electronic medium of communication, the present paper examines the linguistic properties and distinctive features of online communication in postponed time, bearing in mind that…
Author: Hadžiahmetović Jurida, Sanel Džanić, Mirza Pavlović, Tanja Jahić, Alma Hanić, Jasmina

This paper provides an overview of corpus investigations in studying antonymy with an aim to argue in favour of the conceptual approach to antonymy. Antonymy is considered to play an important role in organizing languages’ vocabularies. However,…
Author: Kostić, Nataša

The introduction of foreign languages into the early years has spurred a need for qualified teachers. Most of the recent studies (e.g. Garton, Copland & Burns, 2011; Mourão & Lourenço, 2015; Murphy & Evangelou, 2016) reveal that there are not enough…
Author: Dagarin Fojkar, Mateja

According to the statistics as of 15 November 2015 in Italy there are about 28,000,000 Facebook subscribers, which means a 46.1% penetration rate. Facebook is also the most commonly used social networking tool among university students: their…
Author: Papp, Judit
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