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From previous research, perceptual saliency and morphophonological and morphosyntactic regularity significantly contribute to a successful acquisition of morphemes (Goldschneider & DeKeyser 2001). This pilot study investigates if and to what extent…
Author: Peeters-Podgaevskaja, Alla Verhagen, Alicja

Contrastive analysis or contrastive linguistics is related to the field of applied contrastive studies which predicts and clarifies the difficulties in the process of second language acquisition. It is also claimed that a comparison of different…
Author: Rushidi, Jeta

A firm mastery of target language vocabulary is crucial for academic reading performance. Therefore, teachers should equip learners with tools that would help them understand and learn lexical items.To this end, we propose a graded instructional…
Author: Slabodar, Ira Gordishevsky, Galina

This article highlights the issues of development of teachers’ professional competence, the necessity of cooperation and experience exchange between teachers, and the correlation of personal interests with the requests and needs of the state and…
Author: Umaraliyeva, Muhayo

Research has shown that learner-centered classrooms are very effective. Engaging students in various classroom activities leads towards better learning outcomes. Moreover, project-based activities can have a positive influence on the students’…
Author: Zeqiri, Luiza

In this paper I will discuss two constructions of the Japanese verb aru ‘be’. In one construction, aru occurs with a copular complement marked by the particle de, obtaining a sentence-ending pattern known as N-dearu. In the other construction, aru…
Author: dalla Chiesa, Simone

Why are students of English so reluctant to use the passive voice? The answer to this question may lie in the fact that students find it artificial, even pretentious, partly because it really does tend to be overtly wordy and cumbersome. Moreover, a…
Author: Čupić, Iva Klanjčić, Martina

Complex predicates are defined as constructions consisting of preverb/converb/coverb + ‘light verb’ (Bowern 2006). Each component of the complex construction contributes to the internal argument structure. The typology of complex predicates exhibits…
Author: Akbarov, Azamat TÜRKER, Lola

The paper explores the linguistic and conceptual metaphors in media reports on the 2014 floods in the Balkans, focusing on the conceptualization of floods and flood-related concepts. While natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes represent a…
Author: Bošnjak, Jelena Trišić, Dubravka

This study explores the effects of social networks on English progress in a UAE international English National Curriuclum (ENC) boarding school. The observed population consisted of a case study of 11 boarding students, three female and eight male,…
Author: Sabawi, Aimon Yildiz, Yasemin
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