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The paper aims at bringing up a type of text linguistic analysis, different from traditional one, with the emphasis on the contrastive studies in general and on the English-Albanian cross-linguistic phenomena in particular. It will concentrate in…
Author: Sejdiu-Rugova, Lindita Rugova, Bardh

Living in a world that has become a 'global village' makes different nations seem very similar - we dress in a very similar way, we listen to the similar music, we sometimes even use the same words. But how similar are we when it comes to…
Author: Grabar, Ivana Kostina, Ekatarina Kolednjak, Marijana

Antonymy is traditionally regarded as a paradigmatic relation, but recent studies of antonym co–occurrence in written discourse have shown that it can be investigated as a syntagmatic relation as well. Such investigations in the Untagged electronic…
Author: Kostić, Nataša

Many empirical researches on Gender and language have been conducted by numerous sociolinguists in order of finding out the relationship between them. These differences between women’s and men’s language consisted in terms of phonology, lexis,…
Author: Kryeziu, Lendita

In creating textbooks and course books for foreign language education, the starting point is the goal of learning the language – language acquisition either on the level of communication skills for specific purposes (business or daily), or as part of…
Author: Petrovska, Lesya Dugandžić, Ana

The present study aims to investigate the attrition of Portuguese as a third or additional language (L3, L4, etc., cf. de Angelis, 2007) over the summer holidays. The research questions concern the correctness of the participants’ responses, the…
Author: Wlosowicz, Teresa Maria

Βajanje, basma, bajalica are the serbian words that belong to the circle of magical terminology. Interesting is the comparative approach that compare the Serbs and the Greeks at the linguistic aspect. Βajanje is seen as a magical behavior which…
Author: Vulović, Ljiljana

Language is the mirror of a nation. All changes occurring in the life of a nation, undoubtedly, find their reflection in language. In this regard, patriots and eminent figures of a nation have always considered language as good means of…
Author: Azimov, Inomjon

In this paper we propose the use of Agent-Based Models (ABM) (Gilbert 2008) to study the development of historical natural languages starting from a universal grammar according to Chomsky’s "Theory of the principles and parameters" (Chomsky 1995) . …
Author: Bait, Miriam Folgieri, Raffaella Scarpello, Oscar

With the application of cognitive linguistics to language teaching and learning, metaphor analysis has gained interest among researchers in recent years. This study, which is conducted in an EFL language environment in Turkey, aims to investigate…
Author: Baş, Melike Bal-Gezegin, Betül
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