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This study reports on an investigation into differences in learning orientations of EFL students at Atatürk University located in Erzurum, Turkey, using Vermunt’s (1977) Inventory of Learning Styles (ILS). The Inventory of Learning Styles (ILS) is…
Author: Semiz , Öznur Küleri, Makbule

The aim of this research is to determine teacher leadership styles of teacher candidates studying at the departments of secondary education. Sample of the study is composed of candidate teachers studying at the departments of secondary education in…
Author: ERCOŞKUN, Muhammet Hanifi BEKTAŞ, Fatih NALÇACI, Ahmet

Article is devoted to an actual problem interaction – linguistics of the text and speech. In article one of pressing questions of modern linguistics – a problem of levels of speech and definion of units making it is analyzed. As levels of speech…

Writing is pivotal and good language use is marked in higher education throughout disciplines. Self-assumptions, others’ arguments, transformed knowledge, and research results are primarily given in written documents including articles, theses, …
Author: Yagiz, Oktay YIGITER, Kemalettin Genc, Gencay

Academic procrastination is the voluntary delay of the completion of an academic task within the expected or desired time frame despite expecting to be worse off for the delay (Senécal et al. 1995; Steel 2007) . It is a dispositional trait that…
Author: KONCA, M. Yavuz Semiz, Öznur

stract: The recent advances in Information and Communication Technologies affected education industry as well as other industries all over the world. Over the past decade, higher education institutions have been increasingly utilizing e-learning…
Author: ASILKAN, Özcan ERSOY, Ahmed Fatih

This study explores to what extent primary school teachers use teaching strategies, methods-techniques and equipment in primary school grade four and five in Social Sciences Education course. To collect data, an in-class observation form was used. …
Author: NALÇACI, Ahmet ERCOŞKUN, Muhammet Hanifi BEKTAŞ, Fatih

Osmanlı hâkimiyetinde iken huzur içinde yaşamalarına rağmen Sırp, Bulgar, Rum, Arnavut ve Karadağlılar, milliyetçilik akımının yayılması ve bazı büyük devletlerin kışkırtmasıyla farklı zamanlarda Osmanlı’ya karşı ayaklanırlar, savaş açarlar. Bu…
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