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This paper seeks to investigate internal and external factors with relation to regulations in order to predict difficulties which the banks are exposed. The sample consists of 368 banks in 8 European countries for the period 2004-2007. The model…
Author: Messai, Ahlem-Selma Fathi, Jouini

The change in trading volume and returns and the dysfunction of the economy and more specifically of financial markets has been increasingly attracting attention of researchers, analysts, practitioners, institutions as well as government…
Author: DHAOUI, Abderrazak

One of the most important factors of conducting business successfully and also in achieving the interests of the owner of entity is adequate structuring of source of financing of company or institution. Debt as a source of financing has its…
Author: KURBEGOVIC, Tarik

Abstract: Daily deal sites have become so popular in Turkey just as they have in many other countries. Heavy discounted offers for products or services attract most of the people to these new marketplaces. Glancing over the offers before starting to…
Author: ASIL, Hilal OZEN, Hilal
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