The Case, Problems and Solution Suggestions of The Greenhousing In Biga

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The Case, Problems and Solution Suggestions of The Greenhousing In Biga


Kocabiyik, Hasan


The greenhousing activity in Biga firstly started in an area of 500 m2 in 1985. In a review study, it was observed that total green housing area of 52.000 m2 and 42 greenhousing cooperations were reached. Greenhouses in Biga are in the structure of bow roof, with plastic cover and high tunnel cold greenhouses. As the first investment expenses are low and high productivity in a unit area, producers can make much money at a short time. Due to all enterprises are small family cooperations, producers don’t pay to workers. The distribution of productive power is regular in year and all enterprises use dripping irrigation system. Lettuce is cultivated in greenhouses in winter. In spring, summer and autumn cucumber, tomato and bean are cultivated. While some of the produced yields are consumed in Biga and around villages, many parts of the yields are marketed in Bandırma. The big problems in greenhousing cooperations; increasing of entry prices, soil tiring, unconciously manurig and giving pesticides, structural problems, insufficient of technique knowledge, packing and marketing. In this presentation, the present case of greenhousing enterprises in Biga as alternative incoming resource, its mainly problems and its possible solutions will be discussed.


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