Adult Education: Using Motivating Strategies and Techniques

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Adult Education: Using Motivating Strategies and Techniques


Piric, Alma


Motivation is a key to success. It helps us understand why we do the things we do, or why we learn and thrive to further develop our abilities to do something. In language learning motivation plays a crucial role, because only the motivated students will succeed. Without motivation our performance is diminished. Learners who are not motivated tend to be distracted, bored, unfocused, and even frustrated. On the other hand, motivated learners are eager to find out more, learn new things, pay attention in class and conduct additional research at home in order to better understand a given topic. That is why many teachers/instructors consider motivation a crucial part of the instructional process. As teachers/instructors, we can certainly contribute to the motivation of our students. We can motivate learners through interesting classes, positive attitude as well as attractive exercises. This paper will look into different types of motivation and their influence on the learners as well as some techniques and strategies teachers/instructors can use to motivate their students


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