Empowerment At Higher Educational Organizations

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Empowerment At Higher Educational Organizations


Şermin, Şenturan


Empowerment is a concept which is widely used in management and many managers and professional in various organizations claim to be practicing it. The objective of this study was to assess the construct validity and internal consistency of the Psychological Empowerment Questionnaire (PEQ) for employees in higher education. The PEQ was administered at private university in Skopje. The study is empirical research on psychological empowerment, and more specifically research regarding a tool that can be used to assess the level of psychological empowerment of employees in higher education organisations. If psychological empowerment can be measured in a reliable and valid manner, interventions can be implemented to promote the empowerment of employees. Exploratory factor analysis is used to verify the validity of the psychological empowerment comprising four cognitive dimensions i.e. meaning, competence, self-determination and impact in the context of private higher education institutions The subscales showed acceptable internal consistencies. Psychological empowerment can be measured in a reliable and valid manner in higher educational organizations.Keywords: academia; psychological empowerment; employee; private higher education


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