Corruption as economic and political phenomenon in countries in transition

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Corruption as economic and political phenomenon in countries in transition




In a country which political system is so-called democracy ( but a la Bosnia and Herzegovina) citizens assigned their sovereignty to the (ir)responsible politicians who through the years and years are gambling with citizens’ trust and their right to lead. Authority is given to get some power- to lead, control, make decisions, etc., but just according to logic, and looking through the glass of everyday man, we can see that authority leads to power, and power enables realizing interest. But what kind of interest?! Certainly from the perspective of sociologists and psychologists human beings are fundamentally motivated by self-interest, but from perspective of politics and economics, and with previously gifted sovereignty representatives shouldn’t be exclusively guided by personal, but public interest. When public interest comes after personal interest, corruption comes to stage. Corruption is a way how to enlarge mistrust to government, how to misbalance efforts of economies in transition (and they are already not stable) and how to interest of millions of people use in a manner to realize your own. It is steering away from good government, benefiting no one. The trust, democracy and ethical code are broken. A lot of factors are influencing on the amount of damages that corruption causes, but it is especially problem for countries in transition that are already struggling with problematic economy. Recent years there are different approaches to this problem, from perspective of politics and economics, and solutions given by economic analysis of this problem. Every economy should be able to find the best way to fight against this omnipresent problem, because only participation and fight is guarantee for development. Anti-corruption policies are important tool in building healthy society and system, but in case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is long road on a way to complete successfully European integration.


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