Facing foreign culture challenge in foreign countries for students

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Facing foreign culture challenge in foreign countries for students




This paper examines the situations of students that face the challenges. In foreign countries, the biggest problems of students which are faced by students are language, culture shock, homesickness, expense, and etc. It’s hard to live instead of studying in colleges for students. For learners being with foreign culture it’s hard to learn second language or foreign language, on the other hand if the students do not know that culture or traditional they cannot adopt easily because in his/her own language do not have loan words they cannot translate to learn. The first and most daunting task for international students is adapting to the culture of country where they begin to live for studying. International students may be highly motivated and hard-working, but they faced many challenges as some of the highest achievers among their peers, international students offend feel limited by their communication skills and cultural awareness, and equally frustrated by their lack of professional network in their host country. Despite all those years English class prior to enrolling in a university oversea, international students still have great challenge with communication. Speaking and conversation abilities are typically less developed than reading and writing, and international students may be shy or insecure about speaking up in their host country as a result. Another big problem among international students is funds problems. Fee which universities charge from international students is pretty high as compared to local students. Home sickness is very much prevalent among those who came out from their homes for the first time. Students also have some internal conflicts within themselves. Work load, most of the students here face problems because of the amount of work load on them. They need to study more as full time students, part time jobs, looking after themselves.


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