Rural Business Development in the Balkan Region: Hospitality and Tourism Management (doi: 10.14706/icesos1711)

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Rural Business Development in the Balkan Region: Hospitality and Tourism Management (doi: 10.14706/icesos1711)


Bendo, Gejsi


Abstract: Balkan is part of Europe, but in the past years it has not been known like that and negative effect of it continue also now days with not being part of European Union and not having profit from that. Balkan states have been under stratocracy and this has caused to them to not have the knowledge about management and last methods how to make profit from rural regions and from this we have the effect of immigration. The economy of Balkan has been underestimated from the other parts. Balkan region, especially rural areas do not have the infrastructure to make them frequented from the tourists. Infrastructure is one of the main problems which is related with the electricity, 24h water, Wi-Fi areas etc and this causes problems to the natives, services and goods that they offer and with the domestic production. Tourism should give one of the main revenues in the economies of these states like Albania, European part of Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia etc, together with the agriculture too. Population of the Balkan is known for its hospitality and people speak different languages like English, Italian, Spanish and now days they can speak Turkish too. This characteristic give to them an opportunity that other problems of technology and infrastructure cause to them disadvantages and from this the tourism is not developed as much as it had to be. There are a lot of places which are virgin and not explored from foreigners (for example in Albania or Kosovo and Macedonia too, as well as in other countries which are part of Balkan). The governments of these countries and their policies do not offer opportunities enough to be promoted. Since they have been isolated from other parts of the World, most of the people do not know how to manage with the three levels of the managing (in rural areas) and the only type that exists is just the sole-managing. There are not enough advertisements or not good marketing in the Balkan region to make them known. Still there are countries which do not know where the Balkan is. In continue of this research will be attached what can governments do to solve this problem and how this problem can be solved about the rural areas which are more than underestimated even if they keep precious values. Keywords: underestimated, values, profit, infrastructure, three-level management, domestic production.


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