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This study investigates socio-economic situation of fresh bean growers, inputs and outputs related to bean growing, production and marketing problems faced by farmers, etc. In addition, profitability of fresh bean production was determined. Data…
Author: Sayili, Murat Akca, Hasan Duzdemir, Oral

In order to obtain both durability and originality of the timber structures it is necessary to strengthen them particularly in the weak joint places. The aims of strengthen in the connecting places are to decrease the stress, to obtain fibre…
Author: Sarıbıyık, Mehmet AKGUL, Tahir APAY, Ahmet Sarıbıyık, Ali

The development of high-performance thermal systems has increased interest in heat transfer enhancement techniques. The application of additives to heat transfer liquids is one of the noticeable effort to enhance heat transfer. The stable…
Author: Sahin, Bayram Bölükbasi, Abdurahim Bedir, Özgür Çomakli, Ömer

This study was carried out to investigate the effects of IBA and bacteria (Agrobacterium rubi ve Bacillus OSU 142) applications on the rooting of M9 rootstock cuttings. The cuttings treated with IBA alone at different concentrations (2000, 4000 and…
Author: Pirlak, Lütfi Baykal, Yüksel

In the pursuit of creating sustainable buildings and cities, architectural strategies have mainly focused on approaches relying on technological efficiency and engineered systems. The focus has been such because these strategies are evolutionary in…
Author: Ozer, Ebru Thompson, Douglas T.

The main aim of this study is focused on surface water quality classification of the Yesilirmak River (Turkey) and evaluation of pollution dataset obtained by the monitoring stations. The study shows the application of selected statistical…
Author: Ozbay, Nurgul Yerel, Suheyla Ankara, Huseyin

The use of plants to meet the world’s food needs is vital to human survival. On a global basis, over 65 % of food protein and over 80 % of food energy is supplied by plants. In terms of gross tonnage, approximately 98 % of the total world food…
Author: Onder, Mustafa Kahraman, Ali

This study was conducted to supply achievement of Agricultural Extension work which is being implemented in Konya region. It is significantly important to state that which extension implements will be used in which level in order to reach this…
Author: Oguz, Cennet Dogançukuru, Hüseyin

The world is increasingly becoming an urban place. Urbanization increases the distance between people and natural space. Urban ecosystems differ from natural or rural ones in many obvious ways. Green space is an important part of complex urban …
Author: ONDER, Serpil

In this study, results of which have been presented, our aim is to determine avocado commercial cultivars grown in Antalya- Turkey ecological conditions and their graft compatibity with Persea americana var. drymifolia and P. nubigena var.…
Author: Küçük, Sadettin Çoskun, Recep Temirkaynak, Meliha
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