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Research activities have been taking on place for new construction materials in order to produce more effective constructions. One of the new technological materials is Pultruded Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) materials. High tensile …
Author: Aydın, Ferhat Sarıbıyık, Mehmet

Environmental issue has attracted attentions as one of the most important issues of the last century. This problem is a phenomena that threat to sustainable life. Effective solution of this issue depends on conscious and awareness of people about …
Author: Cankurt, Murat Miran, Bulent Hurma, Harun

Interest in the control of pollution entering into waterways has risen significantly since the last quarter of 20th Century and golf course developments have been identified as areas that use some of the chemical pollutants found in these…
Author: Seçkin, Yasin Çağatay

Willingness to pay for pesticide free tomatoes were calculated and its effects of socio-demographic and risk variables were measured. The data were obtained from 666 consumers by survey method in May 2005. The surveys are conducted in Ankara and…
Author: Bayramoğlu, Zeki Göktolga, Ziya Gökalp

WSNs consist of sensor nodes with limited capacity, low cost and communicating with each other in short distances using considerably low power rate. The nodes can be dispersed randomly into intended region in which they are used for measurement and…
Author: ÇAKIROGLU, Murat KUS, Mustafa

In this study, Entomopathogenic fungi Perlomyces chlamidosporia, Fusarium subglutinans, Fusarium solani, Baveria bassiana were investigated to the effect of larvae great wax moth Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). P. chlamidosporia, F.…
Author: Arıcı, S. Evrim Sevinç, Mehmet Sedat Karaca, İsmail Demirözer, Ozan

The aim of study was to determine the effects of different doses of IBA (Indole 3- butyric acid) on the rooting performances of the hardwood cuttings of some fig cultivars. Cuttings 15-20 cm in length and 10-15 mm diameter were taken from Nazareth,…
Author: Küçük, Sadettin Temirkaynak, Meliha Çoskun, Recep Namal, Hüseyin

Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is a major crop that provides an important source of protein for human nutrition. In this study presence of plant pathogenic fungal and bacterial agents was determined in five mostly bean growing districts of Konya …
Author: YESİL, Serkan BOYRAZ, Nuh

Analysis of individual genotypes aims to provide information for understanding within population genetic parameters such as genetic similarity, polymorphism and heterozygosity. The aims of this research were to determine the genetic parameters…
Author: Aytekin, İbrahim Boztepe, Saim

Six different sorghum cultivars (Gözde 80, Rox, Leoti, Early Sumac, Nes ve N 4692xRox), registered by Mediterreanean Agricultural Research Institute, were sown in different periods in order to determine the optimum sowing time. The experiment was…
Author: ÖTEN, Mehmet ÇAKMAKCI, Sadık
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