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The Balikesir -Bigadic mine is worked by open pit operations to produce colemanite ore. Colemanite ores are processed by mineral processing techniques to prepare colemanite concentrates in the Bigadic plant. Colemanite process waste from this…
Author: Bayca, Salih Ugur

In this study, a computer and microcontroller based fuel control system for fourcylinder internal combustion engines has been designed and some applications have been implemented. Fuel control system designed for real time control the amount of…
Author: Boru, Barıs Eskikurt, Halil İbrahim Parlak, Adnan

In the study, extension services were examined through interpretation of data collected up to 1104 public and contracted extension workers. Turkish extension system is influenced by general and training-visit approaches which were employed in the…
Author: Boyaci, Assoc. Dr. Murat

Ginger root is one of the most widely used plants for medicinal aims in Anatolia. Determination of antioxidant properties and of phenolic contents traditionally used plants is important in respect to pharmacologic studies. In this study,…
Author: Bursal, Ercan Köksal, Ekrem Gülçin, İlhami

Aquaculture is the fastest growing sector in all of the world in recent years. It is necessary to support the development of sustainable aquaculture in the world. For this purpose The Commission of the European Communities prepared a communication…
Author: CANYURT, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali

This study was carried out to determine the effects of diets containing different levels of inorganic and organic manganese sources on fattening performance and some organ weights of Japanese quails. In this study, 256 one day old quail chicks were…
Author: CUFADAR, Yusuf OLGUN, Osman YILDIZ, Alp Önder

In this study, the effect of using new generation fuel injection system and electronic ignition system in a spark ignition (SI) vehicle as an alternative fuel by using bioethanol on the exhaust emissions and performance of vehicle will be…
Author: Ciniviz, Murat Örs, İlker Tarakçıoğlu, Necmettin

In this research, heat treated AISI 5115 (16MnCr5) cementation and AISI 52100 roller bearing steels were investigated. The specimens that were prepared before and after heat treatment application were sectioned via wire-erosion machine. Specimens…
Author: Culha, Osman Tas, Seher Toparli, Mustafa

Increase in population and rapid developments in technology have enhanced production capacity in pulp and paper industry and have resulted in formation of huge amount of wastewaters, as high as 6-15 x 104 L per ton of paper produced. Depending on…
Author: Cırık, Kevser Özdemir, Veli Yazar, Emre Çınar, Özer

Plastics used almost every manufacturing industry are resist to biodegradation. Their persistence in soil for a long time has become a major concern in terms of the environment. This promotes many investigators to search for replacement of…
Author: Cırık, Kevser Aydoğmus, Dilek Aydoğmus Özdemir, Sebnem Gezginci, Mehmet Çınar, Özer
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