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Boron is an important element and about 75% of the world reserve is in Turkey and it can be used in a variety of 400 different fields. Moreover it can be used in strategic fields such as defense or nuclear technologies directly or by boronizing of…
Author: AKKURT, İskender Çalık, Adnan Akyıldırım, Hakan Uçar, Nazım

Caper has been using as a medicinal and aromatic plant for a long time in particular Mediterranean basin. More recently there have been obvious increased interest to this plant because of a wide culinary and medicinal use areas of this plant. …
Author: Güleryüz, Muharrem Özkan, Gürsel Ercisli, Sezai

-3 mm ulexite ore containing 20-25 % B2O3, being a concentration waste is accumulated in mine area. Boron content of this waste dissolves by rain and snow waters and passes to soil, surface water and underground water and can be caused to …
Author: Çopur, Mehmet Kocakerim, M.Muhtar

The South-West Development Region is exposed to several climatic hazards with major impact upon the environment. The paper emphasizes the occurrence and the amplitude of the hazard phenomena characteristic of the warm semester of the year within…
Author: Dragotă, Carmen-Sofia Grigorescu, Ines Dumitrascu, Monica Dumitrascu, Costin

Customer analysis is crucial phase for companies in order to create new campaign for their existing customers. If a company can understand customer features and make efforts to fulfill their wants and provide friendly service then the customer will…
Author: Örnek, Özgür Subasi, Abdulhamit

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), being commonly used in all the sectors of an economy and one of the most important driving forces for social development in the last 20 years, facilitated to product goods and service for…
Author: Kaynak, Selahattin Özer, Hüseyin

The use of web applications has been rapidly expanded into all sectors of society such as government, business, education, and industry. Web applications have to be thorough tested to ensure their correctness and meet the software requirements.…
Author: Örnek, Özgür

The popularity of using Internet contains some risks of network attacks, and attack methods differ each day, thus information security problem has become a significant issue all over the world. Intrusion detection is one major research problem in…
Author: Ozturk, Fatih Subasi, Abdulhamit

In this study, eleven standard lactation curve models (Incomplete Gamma (WD), Quadratic (Q), Cubic (C), Linear Hyperbolic Function (LH), Inverse Polynomial Function (IP), Mixed Log (MIL), Exponential (WIL), Dhanoa (DH), Cobby and Le Du (CD), …
Author: Keskin, İsmail Memmedova, Nazire İlhan, Fatma Dağ, Birol Mikailsoy, Fariz

Processing and the production of the food and dairy products is one of the most critical industrial sectors because of its direct effect on human health. On the other hand, echo-ethical concepts such as Kosher, Vegetarian and Halal terms are…
Author: ÇETİNER, B. Gültekin GÜNDOĞAN, Mete ÖZGÜVEN, M. Kutluk
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