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In this study, Entomopathogenic fungi Perlomyces chlamidosporia, Fusarium subglutinans, Fusarium solani, Baveria bassiana were investigated to the effect of larvae great wax moth Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). P. chlamidosporia, F.…
Author: Arıcı, S. Evrim Sevinç, Mehmet Sedat Karaca, İsmail Demirözer, Ozan

Disability comes in many shapes and forms, but where it affects mobility there are problems. The use of taxis or a car seems to be most convinient way of travelling for the disabled people. It is a very demanding and difficult, even sometimes…
Author: Aslan, Hakan

The aim of this study is to develop new strategies for sustainable development of a group and to establish a holding from several companies by considering the regulations in the World Trade, recent developments in textile sector and raising…
Author: Aslan, Imran Bozkurt, Ramazan

In this research, the possibilities of use of chicken wastes which have significant potential in Turkey were investigated in olive orchards. Different doses of solid and liquid chicken manure wastes were applied to high density planted olive trees …
Author: Atmaca, Sabriye Demiral, Sara Ülger, Salih

Research activities have been taking on place for new construction materials in order to produce more effective constructions. One of the new technological materials is Pultruded Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) materials. High tensile …
Author: Aydın, Ferhat Sarıbıyık, Mehmet

Analysis of individual genotypes aims to provide information for understanding within population genetic parameters such as genetic similarity, polymorphism and heterozygosity. The aims of this research were to determine the genetic parameters…
Author: Aytekin, İbrahim Boztepe, Saim

Removal of cadmium from synthetically prepared solution using electrochemical processes is studied in the present study. To determine the optimum operation conditions, the effect of several parameters such as current density and initial solution…
Author: BAYAR, Serkan YILMAZ, Alper Erdem BONCUKCUOĞLU, Recep

Soil structure are very important factor at plant growing. Plants take water and plant nutrients via their roots. If the factors such as water holding capacity and porosity of soil is good enough, yield and quality of plant will be increased.…
Author: BAYYURT, Rudil AYAR SENSOY, Funda ÇAKALOZ KOÇ, Burçin ERCAN, Nurgül

This research has been carried out in order to determine some morphological and yield characteristics of melon landrace (Hirsiz kaciran) grown in Canakkale. Research was laid out in randomized block design with four replications and 20 plants in…
Author: BECAN, Seyit Ahmet GÜVEN, Mürsel

In practice, concrete is mixed at a wide range of temperatures and also remains in service at different temperatures. There are some special problems involved in concreting in hot weather, arising both from a higher temperature of the concrete and,…
Author: Basaran, Hakan Demirdag, Oktay
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