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This article examines the essence of such concepts as "educational values","national values"; "common to all mankind values"; their interrelation and harmonious parity are shown. Special attention is given to the characteristic of values…
Author: Tolipov, Utkir Akbarov, Azamat

Irony, stating something meaning another, turns into a philosophical method of understanding opposite concepts with Friedrich Schlegel’s Fragments published in the eighteenth century. It accords irony an ontological and epistemological function and…
Author: Denizer Bozkurt, Serap

In this article the ability (potentialities) of pedagogical publications in information security through analysis and monitoring of published materials, developmentcriteria for evaluating their content revealed; the structure of the concept of…
Author: Mahmudov, Sarvar Umaralieva, Muhayo

In the article the question of organization, management and improvement of the quality and effectiveness of teaching processes in secondary institutions,revealed the role of the teacher in coordinating students ' activities. The authors have proposed…
Author: Turgunov, Sabithon Umaralieva, Muhayo

To face it, it is quite challenging to draw distinctive borders of women issues when it comes to Romantic poets of English literature. These poets were reforming many issues of the contemporary culture of England such as valuing the nature, which was…
Author: Özoltulular, Muammer

This article is dedicated to the issue of the interpretation of Navoi’s image in Uzbek poetry during the years of independence. It also sheds light on how this issue is presented in the works of modern Uzbek poets. Keywords: Alisher Navoi, Uzbek…
Author: Ashurova, Gulbakhor

The use of common people and objects as persuasive tools is an advertising strategy focuses on the assumption that common man can easily be identified with the masses i.e. target group for an advertiser. The ads feature people who appear to be…
Author: Džanić, Mirza

As times change and new concepts become part of our reality, Arabic, just like any other language, is facing the challenge of building new lexical units into its vocabulary. However, its word formation system, relying heavily on derivation based on…
Author: Dizdar, Elma

The Bosnian language lexis is characterised by a number of words of eastern origin, i.e. the words from Turkish, Arabic or Persian have a prominent place. The Bosnian language vocabulary contains a number of the Persian origin words that were…
Author: Haverić, Đenita Šehović, Amela

A current pedagogic approach is ‘‘Flipped classroom model’ which depends on the use of asynchronous video lectures and practice problems as homework at home, and active, group-based problem solving activities in the classroom. As a new paradigm in…
Author: Gok, Duygu Bozoglan, Hilal
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