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Globalisation emphasizes the importance of foreign languages by influencing the development of national strategies for learning languages, thus contributing to conservation or harmonization of language ecological balance in the world. The…
Author: Vučo, Julijana Zavišin, Katarina

The entire history of the "Entdeckungsreisen' in the 15th and the 16th Century is a history of the conquered and the conquerer. With historical evidences of the various European nations ruling over the 'other' nations, comes a corpus of texts which…
Author: Vungthianmuang, Mercy

This paper stresses the importance of assessment in second language class today in the Albanian educational institutions, and in particular the advantages of using assessment in improving teaching and learning. Assessment is generally seen as …
Author: Vavla, Laureta

High standards are intended in all curriculum guidelines and it is not different in most of the guidelines. In this paper, the language arts curriculum is put under the spotlight and an in-depth analysis is provided on most benchmarks. Many …
Author: Turkyilmaz, Mustafa Ugur

So far a number of articles have dealt with the American dream and how it is developed in Arthur Miller‘s plays, especially in The Death of a Salesman. However, not enough attention has been paid to the tragedy and the human tragedy in these plays.…
Author: Turku, Marsela

The world languages can be roughly divided into three types based on grammatical orientation, e.g. reality-oriented type (e.g. Russian, Chinese); speaker-oriented (e.g. Japanese, Serbian); hearer-oriented (e.g. English, Swedish). Differences borne…
Author: Toyota, Junichi

This paper attempts to trace how Shakespeare‘s Othello reflects the deeprooted Eurocentric ideology of the Elizabethan people and show how such views created distinctions like self vs. other, master vs. slave, civilized vs. savage, white vs. …
Author: Toker, Alpaslan Karakuzu, Melih

The aim of this study is to show that the 21st century modern TEFL classroom has to provide entertaining, visual and kinesthetic elements for the language learners. Four different TEFL games are presented in order to prove that total physical…
Author: Thekes, Jerry Istvan

English is taught as a foreign language nearly in all higher education institutions in Turkey. Though the aim of teaching English is mainly based on communicational skills, it is rarely performed with innovative and technologically up to date…
Author: TAKKAÇ, Mehmet ÇATAL, Aysel AKDEMİR, Ahmet Selçuk

The aim of this research was to determine the reasons pro and against using games in an EFL classroom, as well as to discover possible obstacles teachers encounter when applying these activities. The study was performed on both teachers and…
Author: Stojković, Miljana K. Jerotijević, Danica M.
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