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The increase in the number of students taking part in study abroad programmes worldwide has highlighted the need to offer intercultural preparation for this specific group of students. The IEREST European project (Intercultural Education Resources…
Author: Beaven, Ana Livatino, Lucia

This paper presents an empirical study on Chinese university students’ intercultural communication competence. The results show that learners should promote their cultural knowledge, intercultural sensitivity, communication strategies and…
Author: Duan, Huiru Deng, Jun Zhang, Zheng

This paper aims to represent the usage of literature in foreign language classrooms in order to deploy the students’ knowledge of English literature as an important part of learning English language. Introducing literature in the language classrooms…
Author: Fijuljanin, Fahreta Dazdarevic, Samina

This research paper is going to elaborate Middlemarch, one of the greatest works of George Elliot (her real name was Marie Ann Evans). It is one of the major pieces of the thesaurus of British Victorian period. The novel is subtitled as ‘A study of…
Author: Gurra, Hyreme

This work, proceeding from Ivanovic (2015), focuses on the linguistic manifestations of argumentation and politeness in expressing different points of view and how they can be applied in teaching Spanish as a FL to advanced level students according…
Author: Ivanović, Milena

The multinational nature of the English speaking community as well as the increasing use of English by non –native speakers, as it has become the lingua franca of our era, may lead to the assumption that the English language is not tied to any…
Author: Koika, Evgenia

Given present emergent trans-local new media in de-territorialized and poly-lingual milieus, an approach to the current Unified Literary Albanian (ULA) that integrates elements of Gramscian-esque and Bakhtinian-esque optics on language would be more…
Author: Kolgjini, Julie M.

The accessibility hierarchy of relativization (Keenan and Comrie 1977) describes the restrictions that the grammar of a language imposes on the relativizability of clause and phrase constituents. This paper explores the applicability and validity of…
Author: Madsen, Richard

The following article is dedicated to the question of thematic grouping of banking/financial terms, which take a considerable place in the lexical structure of the Uzbek language. The paper presents the criteria for the distribution of terms…
Author: Muhamedova, Saodat Shirinova, Ekaterina

The study analyzes the pedagogical model of the blended-learning delivery format that may be incorporated in an L2 classroom. The study begins with the introduction of current developments in the area of blended-learning in higher education and in…
Author: Nedashkivska, Alla
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