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Despite widespread use of only English in teaching EFL classes, the use of first language in EFL class has been a perennial topic of discussion in the field of language education. Most established L2 teaching methods discourage the use of L1 in …
Author: Solhi, Mehdi Büyükyazı, Münevver

In norm-dependent countries, where English is being taught as a foreign language, the main attention is mostly being paid to the native speaker teacher of English language as the ultimate teaching resource. In such countries, native speaker‘s norm…
Author: Solhi, Mehdi

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a multiethnic and multicultural community which has traditionally displayed deep sensitivity to the need for appreciation, promotion, learning, connecting, and preservation of the different cultures. The aim of the paper…
Author: Softić, Mejra

It is said that gender identity can be seen as either unidimensional or multidimensional depending on its realization within society. The question is how gender identity is connected to social groups. Membership in a social group profoundly…
Author: Sivric, Marijana

Is gender clearly defined and merely biological or is it a much greater phenomenon? Can a modern woman, within her (clearly) defined role, be a subject in some important aspects of the culture she belongs to or is she still an object, following a …
Author: Sinadinović, Danka

Critical thinking refers to the individuals‘ ability to think and make correct decisions independently. Critical thinking has been used in first language acquisition for a long time and has been recently introduced into foreign language teaching…
Author: Shirkhani, Servat Fahim, Mansour

With the advancement in science and technology everything has taken a different shape. Reading literature that was once considered to be a major source of entertainment and knowledge has now been transformed into screen literature by television,…
Author: Shaukat, Haya

Within the framework of a research study developed at the University of Aveiro, a group of educational partners representing local institutions was gathered. The aim was to conceptualize, implement and evaluate a collaborative research project on …
Author: Santos, Marta de Araujo e Sa, Maria Helena Simoes, Ana Raquel

At present, when within the same society, contacts between different cultures become more and more numerous, the space of the individual existence surpasses the traditional limits of the original forming, and socializing background, the…
Author: Sabo, Helena Maria
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