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Abstract: Migration, in a simple definition, is the movement of people from one country to another. One of the major problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is youth migration. Young people from BiH mostly migrate to European countries. Factors…
Author: DINÇ, Muhammet Sait Jahic, Kanita Kocan, Sejla

Abstract: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a fundamental role in the economic growth of a country. This report’s purpose is to determine and prove the great significance they have in Albanian economy, and what measures are needed to…
Author: Dajci, Suada Dalipaj, Amela

Abstract: This paper examines origin-effects of tourist flows into Croatia from 1993-2015, a time period that features several important events: the fragmentation of Yugoslavia, the European recession, and Croatia’s accession to the European Union.…
Author: Deichman, Joel Danyang, Liu

Abstract: In project implementation communication efficiency is very important and also difficult to measure. The research team tried to analyze the communication process at the level of project teams, underlining issues related to the…
Author: Gavrilă-Paven, Ionela Cordoș, Mălina

Abstract: Marketing has taken a leading role regarding the success of any business because nowadays with the opportunity to improve product/service quality - through technology development and information availability- any organization can achieve…
Author: Gegaj, Rea Dedej, Sara Reka, Speranca

Abstract: The world is having a crisis on international relations because of the Civil War in Syria, which soon enough turned into a Modern World War (MWW). This conflict complexes the whole world and questions the life of limitless innocent…
Author: Gegaj, Rea Dedej, Sara Reka, Speranca

Abstract: Recent studies have demonstrated that retaining qualified employees is crucial for organizations. As labor-intensive sector, shoes manufacturing sector is highly dependent on qualified employees. Based on the literature in this field,…
Author: Gencoglu, Mehmet DINÇ, Muhammet Sait

Abstract: In this project, we will research impact of rewards on motivation of employees. Outcome of the organization is profoundly dependable on the achievement of their workers. Aim of this paper is to show how rewards impact motivation keeping…
Author: Idrizovic, Adna

Abstarct: For the Balkan countries, the agricultural sector and rural development are of great importance, primarily because they are ensuring food security of the population, and then, also, because they have effects on employment, the creation of…
Author: KAVAZ HUKIĆ, Sanja

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the factors determining the working capital requirement of firms. Companies require working capital to improve the capacity, expand the business volume, reduce the risk of failing to meet their…
Author: Kadayifci, Seyda COSKUN, Ali
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