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Author: IBU, JST

This paper describes measures which are being undertaken by EPBiH power utility, largest public electricity utility in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to improve its energy efficiency and keep on the track of the European targets outlined in the EU…
Author: KAZAGIC, Anes MUSIC, Mustafa

In this study energy circumstance of Macedonia was analized in order to evaluation for security of energy supply. Firstly, energy resources and power plants were investigated.and tabulated. SWOT analysis applied with strengths, weaknesses, …
Author: ABDURAHMAN, Suat TUGRUL, A. Beril

Fisheries are the fastest growing food production system in the world. Global production has grown considerably in aquaculture and this disposition is being expected to increase. In this regard, a new way of species search has commenced in…
Author: HEKIMOGLU, Muge Aliye GUNER, Yusuf YAVUZ, Sirma AKCAN, Gulcin GULEC, Fatih

The development of "green" machine tools will require novel approaches for design, production and operation for energy savings and reduced environmental impact. Manufacturing processes carried out on machine tools are energy intensive. As machine …
Author: YIGIT, Recep CELIK, Erdal

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Author: IBU, JST

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey similar to all countries, holds largest share of the economy. It should be considered together with all the functions affecting these enterprises, in order to ensure them successful in competitive…
Author: GAYRETLI, Ahmet AKCIN, Yelda ARIOL, Hacer CASKA, Serkan

The energy sector is often credited for having major economic potential and being a driver of growth for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). It has been proven that BiH possesses potential renewable energy sources, in particular hydro and biomass.…
Author: HASOVIC, Zihnija GANIC, Ejup

Volume 2, Number 1, 2014
Author: IBU, JST
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