Šehović, Amela and Haverić, Đenita (2014) DERIVATIVE AND STYLISTIC FEATURES OF VERBS OF WORDS OF PERSIAN ORIGIN IN THE BOSNIAN LANGUAGE. In: Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, May, Sarajevo.

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The Bosnian language contains a number of words of Persian origin, mainly received through Turkish as the relay language during the Ottoman rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, these words are mainly part of the passive lexis of modern Bosnian, mainly caused by the disappearance of notions and phenomena they denote, but also caused by their replacement with other forms. However, quite a number of these lexemes appear in conversational Bosnian, where they are used for the purpose of greater expressive force. The most frequent of them are nouns, followed by adjectives and verbs – parts of speech that carry the largest amount of information. This paper will focus on verbs derived from words of Persian origin, usually nouns. This is no surprise in light of the fact that in terms of loanwords, nouns are always the most numerous. This can be explained by the function of nouns, to name phenomena and objects, both the ones that do not have adequate local equivalents, and the ones that do have local equivalents, but those equivalents are for some reason less prestigious and tend to be replaced with a borrowed noun. Since Persian loanwords are no longer entering our language, under the influence of different factors, the corpus of this research comprises dictionaries of modern Bosnian language. Namely, we thought that such lexicographical sources present a reliable source for a derivation and style-based analysis of verbs in Bosnian. However, in light of the fact that the root of such verbs is of Persian origin, in order to determine their origin and semantics, we consulted dictionaries of the Persian language. Still they were used as an auxiliary tool in this derivation and stylefocused analysis of verbs in the lexical stock of the Bosnian language.

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