Carbonation of Ulexite Ore Waste for CO2 Sequestration

Çopur, Mehmet and Kocakerim, M.Muhtar (2010) Carbonation of Ulexite Ore Waste for CO2 Sequestration. In: 2nd International Symposium on Sustainable Development, June 8-9 2010, Sarajevo.


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-3 mm ulexite ore containing 20-25 % B2O3, being a concentration waste is accumulated in mine area. Boron content of this waste dissolves by rain and snow waters and passes to soil, surface water and underground water and can be caused to pollution. For this reason, boron content of this waste must be removed or gained.As a result of industrialization, also, the amount of carbon dioxide given to atmosphere increases, day by day, and causes to global heating and climate change. For this reason, it is required to be removed carbon dioxide in flue gases. In this study, sequestration of carbon dioxide with ulexite ore waste was investigated under high pressures and at temperatures of 90 to 170oC. In the experiments, temperature, carbon dioxide pressure, solid-to-liquid ratio, particle size and stirring speed were chosen as parameters. In result, sequestration rate increased with increase in temperature and carbon dioxide pressure, and with decrease in solid-to-liquid ratio and paticle size. Stirring speed did not affect the sequestration rate. Also, boron and carbon dioxide, which form the risk for environmental were converted to sodium pentaborate and calcium carbonate by this process, respectively.Also, kinetics of reaction between carbon dioxide and ulexite waste was examined according to experimental data and determined that reaction kinetics fitted to ash diffusion control, stated as 1-3(1-X)2/3+2(1-X) = ktm and activation energy was found as 20.5 kJ.mol-1.

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