Karkili, Ferhat (2014) LANGUAGE AND IDENTITY IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLASSES. Masters thesis, International Burch University.

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The current sociolinguistic study focuses on Language identity in foreign language classes. This research primarily focused on practical study for the constructs of language, culture, and identity in foreign language classes. In addition, this research also provided theoretical contributions for identity while embracing the existing body of knowledge. With a growing number of cosmopolitan cultures sending students into new locations, the need for knowledge about how individuals and students effectively combine and connect to their host country is paramount. Have you ever considered what number of diverse languages, religions, cultures there are on the planet? Make that inquiry or maybe goggle it; however we are certain the response won't really can't be observed that effortlessly. The relationship between language, identity and social distinction is a significant sympathy toward numerous sociolinguists and analysts. As it is well-known, language, identity and cultural variation are nearly joined and influence one another. Individuals who talk more than one foreign language, or who basically talk a foreign language realize that itis not simply enough to know that specific language. At the point when getting a foreign language it is exceptionally vital to think about the province where that specific language is talked, and afterward to learn something about the society displayed in that nation. Since there are various diverse languages and they all fit in with a certain group where certain outflows are not quite the same as in alternate groups. Consider British and American English, for some individuals they are one language having distinctive articulation, for some they are totally diverse dialects, and maybe for some these two speak to something completely different. What is identity and how it identified with the language we talk, are a few perspectives that are managed throughout this paper. This study suggests a need to draw stronger theoretical connections between the constructs of language and identity. On the individual level of study, language and identity form and reform constantly to emerge as new individual. However, as this study has suggested, the entity may greatly influence the group’s fundamental ideas of culture and identity. Key words: Language, culture, foreign language teaching language, identity.

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